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Our flagship product is our Vapour Tight Tank Package. Designed with a 14.7-PSI positive pressure tank thus forcing all vapours to the flare stack. The units are best suited for sour oil wells and temporary production wells, with the added benefit of being cost effective, community friendly and efficient for all applications. The standard set-up time is four to five hours, which allows clients to move into production without delay.

In addition to our production packages, we are also the proud distributor of Tornado Combustion Technologies, a local Albertan fabricator that specializes in manufacturing combustion systems for energy producers. This partnership allows us to offer superior technical support.

For a full list of our parts and accessories, you can visit our inventory page.

We Have Equipment Across Western Canada

With headquarters in West Central Saskatchewan and Central Alberta, we have completed a variety of projects from the far reaches of northern British Columbia to the southeastern corner of Saskatchewan. As we grow our brand across Western Canada, we are gaining a reputation for helping our clients move into production, safely and on schedule.


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